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Teen moral

Well. first off to start my story i just want you to know that i dont have HIV/Aids. But i definetally have a story to tell. im not someone who is frequently engaged in sexual activity. But i have had sex with a few different people. When i was 14 i was.... somewhat raped in the basement of my moms 2 story house, when we were living in Wyoming.

The guy... Gene was his name had originally snuck in becasue my friend liked him and wanted him to come over so that they could fool around. What ended up happening was she fell asleep, and we started to talk. he started saying all this stuff like lets play chicken, and i dont like her anyways, i came over here to see you. I knew that he was lying, and plus i had a boyfriend at the time. Gene started to kiss me and i froze. i was so scared because only a week or two before i had gotten my first kiss. I kept on telling him, i dont want to have sex, i dont want to have sex, but he just started having sex with me and i was so scared i just layed there. i didnt know what to do. i didnt tell anyone untill a couple weeks later, i thought that i was pregnant. a couple of days before i went to the doctor to get a pregnancy test i heard people talking at my school about him having std's. i was so scared to say anything because who would believe me anyways i was a 14yr old freshman and he was a 17 yr old senior with a lot of friends. i got tested and they all came up negative. the moral of the story i guess is be safe. if something like this happens to you do the safest thing you can possibly do and go get tested.


Sent via Email December 13, 2006 from Montana, USA.

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