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I pray

I am writing here, because I plan on geting tested for HIV and all STD's this coming Monday. I am 20 years old. Black. A female. And as many may know, I am truly a target of this virus...at least I feel so. And I also have a beautiful 2 year old son. The terror in my heart I truly cannot explain. I have been having all of the symptoms and then some. Due to a bit of knowledge in the mdeical field, I am fully aware that it could quite possibly be linked to something else. I just dont want it to be HIV. I have been promiscuous AT TIMES. And I have taken risks. I just dont want my life to end due to the stupid chances that I took on people worth nothing during my teen years. I have an awesome job, am finally moving out of my mother's house. And am happily single. I just want to know that I can live a healthy life not dependent upon meds. I want to see my son grow old and get married. I want to do so much, and I pray everyday that such a hinderance as this virus that afflicts so many will not touch my life. I will keep prayiing, to all of you whom have gotten tested and the result were negative, I pray you exercise caution in the future, and to those who tested positive, you have more strength then I can possibly imagine. Everyone is in my prayers. And please keep me in yours...goodbye.


Sent via Email December 31, 2006 from USA.

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