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I was 17 years old when I found out I was HIV+, after my 4 month old son was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS. I still don't understand how or why I reacted the way I did, but I just could not bring myself to believe these doctors were telling me the truth. Not that I' m proud of it or even condone how I reacted, but I continued living life as tho I was not Positive. My precious baby boy died at the age of 14 months, but I was still convinced that everyone was wrong and neither one of us had aids. At 19 I had another baby die from AIDS and this time I could not deny the diagnosis any longer, because my baby was really sick and it was not fair to her that I did this to her.

I am now married to a wonder man who has stayed by my side truly through the good and bad. We have a daughter who is now 13 and truly our miracle child. I believe that God has given me this chance to prevent someone and anyone from making the same mistakes I did by sharing my story to all who will listen.


Sent via Email January 16, 2007 from Ohio, USA.

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