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God calling

It is GOD's calling on your life!


My personal testimony:

About one month ago I had a very alarming dream. In my dream, I was attending my local church and my pastor approached me and shook his head as he told me with sympathy, „I‚m sorry, but you have HIV and that is why your hair is falling out. The ironic thing was I was losing some hair in the back of my head in real life. So when I woke up the next morning, I was very afraid. I immediately scheduled an appointment for a free HIV test at the health clinic. My appointment was set for a week from the day I called, meaning I had a whole week to think about the situation. All kinds of things ran through my mind. I finally decided after prayer and reading my bible that I needed to fast.


My thoughts were that I would fast for a positive or negative outcome. I was fasting and praying. For if I received a HIV negative result, I was thanking GOD for covering me all those years in spite of my irresponsible sexual practices OR if I received a HIV positive result, I was fasting for strength and I decided that a positive result would mean the fight against AIDS would be my calling in life. That is, I should devote all my efforts to helping those who have HIV and to preventing the spread of HIV.


Walking into the clinic to get my results was a very tense moment. As I sat down, I said a short prayer, Well, GOD this is it. Please strengthen me no matter what the result. HIV will not conquer me and if this is my calling, I will answer your call.

The nurse handed me a small sheet of paper and explained that the result was negative. Whew, I thought, GOD has given me another chance. I thanked GOD, the nurse and left the health clinic.


Then, about a week later, I attended an AIDS awareness meeting at my church. The same pastor from my earlier dream challenged about 50 people who attended to step up and take action against AIDS. I left the meeting feeling motivated, but I had no idea of where to start.


The next night, dream number two occurred and this is why I created this webpage. For when I fasted and promised GOD that if I was HIV positive, I would fight against AIDS, I did not promise GOD that I would do anything if the result was HIV negative.


Who says that a diagnosis of HIV has to be a negative experience. GOD can speak to all of us. He can perform miracles and he can make all things work together for the good.

Will you accept the calling? Will you read GOD's word to see how you can turn your situation into a positive situation? GOD does not want you to blame anyone, be mad at anyone, be depressed or be discouraged. You are not being punished. Although you have been dealt a lemon in life, why not make lemonade?

Inspirational Scriptures

Scripture: James 5:14-16

Message: If you are sick pray to the Lord for healing. Faith shall save the sick.

Scripture: Romans 8:28-39

Message: All things work together for good to them that love the Lord.

Helping Others
Scripture: 2 Kings 7:3-10

Message 1: In those days, leprosy was defined as a chronic infectious disease that attacked the skin, peripheral nerves and mucous membranes. It was characterized by multiple lesions accompanied by sensory loss that began in the extremities (toes, fingertips). In many advanced cases, gangrene set in, causing parts of the body to "die" and become deformed. Most victims were despised and kept in separate places (leper colonies, sanitariums). Lepers were shunned and to have leprosy was a shameful thing. Although, shunned by people, the lepers were not shunned by GOD. GOD used the lepers in this scripture to discover that the army had left their camp. Therefore, the people who were starving (a famine occurred) could get food from the abandoned camp.


Message 2: Don't be depressed in your situation and feel you are waiting to die. Move forward. Press on because you don't know what GOD has for you or how your life can positively affect someone else's life.

Scripture: Acts 5:12-16

Message: Believe in the Lord GOD. Have faith that you can be healed. Never underestimate the power of faith.

Scripture: 2 Kings 8:7-11

Message: The king asked GOD, Will I recover from this illness? Don't be afraid to ask GOD questions, but be prepared for the answer. Resolve within yourself, that you will live for GOD no matter what the answer is. Your true request should be for GOD's will to be done in your life.

Scripture: Daniel 9:4-19

Message: Realize that we are all sinners. We must repent to GOD and turn from our worldly ways. GOD grants us forgiveness. We must turn from our sins to GOD's word. He will lead the way. GOD have mercy upon us.


Sent via Email December 27, 2006 from Georgea, USA.

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