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Lucky day

Today I've got my HIV test result, it was negative.

I am so happy and I want to share a lesson I've leard, with you!

I want personally to ask everyone who read this message to remember that HEALTH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT WHAT WE HAVE, nothing can be more precious than it! I realised it these days and I learned that NEVER in my life consciously will take any risk of damaging it!

I prayed God for a second chance, He gave me and I am so thankful for that!

Everyone of you who gets a second chance like me, PLEASE always remember about it, be always aware that "the worst could happen to you", NEVER say or think that "this can't happen to me"!

Be more open with your friends, family, etc concerning sexual education, share experiences, this is how we learn.

I must admit I didnt have a sexual education. Coming from a communist country and growing up in an orphanage, you can imagine that this subject rested a taboo.

And sadly it still rests so.

But now I know what the risks of pleasure, unprotected sex are!

And I will try to talk about this with my friends, I am sure many of them dont know too much about. I think it is very important to share these experiences.

The fact that you get sick not knowing to much about the risks of unprotected sex is unfair! When you know the risks and you are consciously playng with your health it is blaming!

For those who dont have the virus, please take care of yourselves, you are very lucky to be healthy!

For those who have the virus, I wish them to be strong and to take a maximum care of their bodies.

May God bless you all


Sent via Email February 6, 2007 from Europe.

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