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Young girls

My name is Laura, Im 20 years old/Heterosexual-straight female. I would have never in my mind thought I would be writing a story like this but I really am. After breaking up with my boyfriend of a year and half, I had unprotected sex with my co-worker and a guy I met over the internet, and always thought that they were clean like me and if they had a desease they would tell me they did. I was also talking to this guy for a while, and we went out a couple times. We had unprotected sex, and I didnt see him again after that until about two weeks ago. We decided to get together and hang out, so I promised myself that I wasnt going to have sex with him that night. We were on the coach and he told me how buetiful i was and how he wanted me to marry me if I gave him a chance. We had unprotected sex, and the next day I felt so bad and paranoid. I call him the next day and he tells me that he is so sick. I start going crazy and feeling paranoid. I went to the docter and got an HIV test and turned out negative. I still feel like I might have it but I guess I have to wait.


If I could go back in time I would have saved myself until marriage, because any guy that will have unprotected sex with you doesnt care about himself or YOU! I always had an innocent mind towards people, and always thought that I trusted them. I felt like all I had to offer was sex, but im a really smart girl and guys always wanted my body, not my mind. Now hopefully im not infected with this virus but either way I will have to deal with it and know I made a mistake and learn from it.

Just some advice to all those young girls out there... There are some people out there that have HIV and dont care bcuz they already have it and care less of infecting you. There are also some people that have it and dont even know. So the only way to prevent yourself from catching it is to not have sex period! My friend got it the first time she lost her virginity and she is living with HIV now. Any one can have HIV, and it doesnt matter what you sexual status is, or how you look like... Its definitly now worth it! Half the time guys dont even know what they are doing, and its not worth it to risk your life for 5 minutes of pleasure or what feels good.


Sent via Email January 31, 2007 from Virginia, USA.

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