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Window period

I'm 25 years old and am in my "window period" to get tested for AIDS. I recently was involved with someone who I didn't use protection with, and was exposed to Herpes. If that wasn't bad enough now I have the worry that I might have gotten AIDS on top of it. I got tested for all STD's about three weeks after exposure, and all came back negative except for Herpes. I want to get another test done but was told just to wait the standard three months to ensure an accurate result. This whole experience has changed my life to say the least. I have become very depressed and have been praying a lot. Aside from the endless tears I have also isolated myself from friends, and only have told a few people. Reading everyone's experiences is very comforting because during this time period I feel very alone. I have been on google myself looking up all of the possible symptoms of AIDS, and freaking out if I display any of them. I know I am under a tremendous amount of stress right now, and I only hope that is the reason my body is acting the way it is. Finding information on AIDS is important, but finding comfort from others going through the same experience is priceless.


Sent via Email January 27, 2007 from USA.
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