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A good listener

I'm 53, gay, American, and I've been living in Germany for three years. In November 2006 I began having diarrhea. By Dec 14 it was so relentless I had to go to the hospital because I was dehydrated. My boyfriend was with me, and the doctor asked (nicely) if I was gay, and if I'd been tested lately. It had been about 18 months and the result was negative. I agreed to allow a new test while I was there. To keep this short, I was in the hospital three times for a total of 24 days. Only 2 weeks ago was it determined that I had an anaerobic protozoan intestinal parasite ("Giardia Lamblia"). However.... my HIV test came back on Dec 19: positive.

The doctor told me. He was very good, understanding, professional. The kind of person you would pray for to hear news like "You're HIV positive" from. He told me he was shocked that I was sitting there, smiling, calmly. He obviously wasn't used to such a reaction. I told him that if I were 30 years younger, I probably would be devastated. But I'm 53. With good care and the right meds, I'm more likely to die of other causes related to aging than HIV/AIDS complications.

Sure, I'm adjusting. A good deal of stress concerning getting the meds, affording the meds, who do I tell/don't tell....

I'm OK.


Sent via Email January 24, 2007 from USA.

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