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You discriminate

hi i'm 18 yr old girl frm Sydney...

i have read some nasty things from people saying its your own falt when u catch a disease. also about how god punishes, and also how they're religion says u shoudln't have sex till marrige...FUCKING HONESTLY SO DOES THAT MEAN YOU DISCRIMINATE? not every ones perfect we all make mistakes, and sometimes bad things just happen.....i know i'm only young but my advice after what i've been through is that never to feel ashamed of your self(even if u do do stupid things), move on with your life as quickly as you can, and use protection and don't trust any one unless u have gone to the docter together and gotten tests stuff...also to people saying stuff about god punishing you, god dosnt create evil things its satin who does these things so get it right...this site has given me inspiration to live my life with my problems and not to take anything for granted.


Sent via Email January 23, 2007 from Sydney, Australia.

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