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We just have to be positive

Ive just read through a handful of stories, emails and responses on this site and decided to write one of my own because I felt a very despondent, depressing tone running through most and wanted to counteract it with a positive one.

I tested positive on November 24th, 2006 and this was confirmed by my first viral load result on December 26th, 2006. Less than a month ago. When I was told the results I didnt really feel anything. Certainly not sad, upset or angry. I hadnt expected the result and had only taken the test as part of a campaign for World AIDS Day in December last year. I booked an appointment at a nearby hospital and then stayed up all night reading everything I could find on the web.

A recent Danish study gave someone living with HIV at 25years old and receiving 21st century treatment a median life expectancy of 35-40 years...add to that a healthy lifestyle and a raised awareness of our immune status and I dont see any major changes to my life. Three weeks later Im still working, studying and living life the same as before. The only difference is that I am aware of my status and taking a little extra care to live life as healthily as possible. No cigarettes, binge drinking, sleep deprivation, drugs, junk food or stress. No need for medication until my CD4 count (or percentage depending on which study you read) drops, which might not be for 10-15 years if at all (there are HIV positive people diagnosed in the 80s that have not had the need for medicines yet).

My only fear was that it would make much harder work of the already difficult task of dating. However, on New Years Day 2007, one week after finding out, I met someone and have been dating since. Only three weeks so far but on Sunday morning, after a slightly awkward Saturday night of, "Please wait, I cant do this now, can you wait until Im ready, Ill explain later...", I was greeted with what I can only describe as enlightenment. My partner took it in, understood and rather than shock or sympathy only expressed concern for me and asked how I felt about it. Then we kissed, made love and fell asleep...a typical Sunday morning all around the world...but it was the most beautiful morning of the year for me and final reassurance that although, in the words of someone Im falling in love with now, "As vezes as coisas podia ser mais simples...", or "Sometimes things could be simpler..." life goes on as usual no matter what happens to us. We just have to be positive.


Sent via Email January 23, 2007 from Tokyo, Japan.

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