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Future womanhood

I am 31 year old women. I have lived a life twice over. By the time I was 14 I have done things a 30 year old would of done. I slept with numbers of (boys).. what I chose to call them. All in the name of love searching for one after the other, I slept with more than 50 males. Young and naive, I contracted gonorhhea, claymidia, trich. All at the same time. I'll never forget the nurse that treated me was shocked at how red, swollen my cervix was. She said she already know I'll NEVER be able to have any children at the tender age of 14. Well this news just gave me a " I dont give a ** attitude. How can a 14 fully understand infertlity and the pain that comes along with it for her future womanhood. In later years, I never gotten tested for HIV. No, this was totally out the question. I was terrified to hear my results. I thought if I had all those STD's just like that. What if I got HIV just like that. I lived 17 years without knowing!!! As of Dec. 25th 2006 I gave my life over to CHRIST. And I learned that fear is not of GOD. It is satan that will keep a hold on you.

And DEC. 26th 2006 I went and got tested. Today!! I insisted on the rapid fingerstick. It came back negative. I cried and cried because of all those years, the burden that I was carrying on my shoulders. I only want to share my story, not tell you about religion, people have their preference. And I know there are people who are HIV pos who have faith and belief in their religion. I only want to express that God has blessed me, he has a plan for everyone. Everything happens for a reason through Jesus there is way. I hope my story touch someone.


Sent via Email December 27, 2007 from USA.

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