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On October 26, 2006 Oprah presented a show which spoke about HIV/AIDS. Present speakers were Magic Johnson, speakers from POZ magazine and 6 women who have HIV/AIDS. The show was excellent, and I concur and I am also trying to send out the same message that was presented on the show, in which I write to you today.


My name is Venus Perez. I am 41 years old and I am diagnosis with AIDS since 1987. I was exposed by an ex-partner who died in 1987. Many people I knew with the disease are no longer alive. 2 other people, and myself are long term survivors of this disease. Just like a person who is going through the stages of death and dying, many HIV/AIDS individuals get stuck in these stages. HIV/AIDS has changed America. For 25 year it has brought out the worst in us at first, but ultimately brought out the best, and transformed the nation. Its mark has affected our history, culture and our souls. I am presently disabled but my health has improved tremendously. I presently volunteer for The PLACE of Comfort and EASY ACCESS RESOURCE, INC., not-for-profit agencies assisting individuals and families with food and community resource needs in crisis situations.The web site is: www.placeofcomfort.org.


My reason for my letter is because your organization is always striving to give useful information to the public audience. I have used the information in this book in a recent summer series( Reaching New Horizons Summer Series- Sponsored by Abbott Labs and The PLACE of Comfort) in which, empowered many individuals and families infected and affected with this disease. Normally I would not expose my disease to the world because of the stigma that comes with it, but I want to make a difference.


Unfortunately, it will a long time until a vaccine is found. My concern is, with all the HIV/AIDS information on the internet unfortunately, many people do not have access to a computer or the information available. People will perish for lack of knowledge.


Can you help me in my quest to provide this much needed information to this community?

I share this information for the HIV/AIDS community to sustain for the long haul! This particular community needs so much empowerment and encouragement from a person who believes in what you teach and I would like to be an example to other people so they can benefit from the information in this book and the blessings God has shown me. I would just like to ask if you can just remember me or if you can place the information on your web site, or just pass on the information. Thru Jesus Christ, GOD has revealed to me to expect great things. A calling was place upon me to produce this book in which I had used all my savings to produce. I proceeded to walk in faith. In the future. If this letter gets to you then God wants it to be. I am one person trying to make a difference in this community. If you would like to contact me, my information is below.


I'm Still Here: The History, Testimony, Education, Outcomes, and Strengths of people Living with HIV/AIDS by Venus Perez
147 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover); contains black and white illustrations and diagrams; catalogue #06-1816; ISBN 1-4251-0059-7; US$16.50, C$18.97, EUR13.55, £9.49. Hardcover-ISBN 1-4122-0188-8 $19.95

To find out more, visit: www.venusperez.com

About the Book

The year is 2006. We have come so far yet we are not quite there. Many lives were lost yet many still live. Many know the means of transmission, yet many neglect to follow it. Many of us live the fast life, looking for excitement, for success. We are constantly searching for that missing part that dwells deep inside, each one of us. For many of us, we are lost, broken, unloved, discriminated, depressed and angry. We are still in denial, shunned by society as lepers were years ago.

We are individuals with HIV/AIDS. We are part of the world, and each one of us is loved by GOD, our creator, no matter who we are, or what disease we may have. We are part of this world, and this society. Our lives have meaning, and each one of us can make a difference. I would like to take you on a journey, where you can experience the history, the struggles, trials and outcomes. Our testimonies, weaknesses, strengths, and our never ending hope for tomorrow.


About the Author
V. Perez was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and is of Hispanic heritage. She attended FDR High School and Kingsborough Community College. She worked as a bookkeeper for 15 years. In expanding her education she attended Willsey Institute in 2001 for Nursing, Phlebotomy and EKG certification. Ms. Perez along with her husband and daughter relocated to Florida in 2003. She completed training HIV 500/501 and is presently a volunteer certified pre & post counselor and tester. She is also the volunteer Program Director of The Place of Comfort and Easy Access Resource, a nit-for-profit agencies assisting individuals who are medically frail in providing resource needs in crisis situations. She was an appointed member to the Orlando Eligible Metropolitan areas EMA HIV Health Services Planning Council and ECFAN Consortia, She is also a representative to the Seminole County community. She is a sponsor to the Children's Miracle Network, International Fellowship of Christian and Jews, volunteer for the Coalition for the Homeless on Central Florida. She is a Christian.

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