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A seed sown

Hello, i am Erica i am not sure if you will ever read this story but this is to the young girl who is afraid to be tested...... Go!!!!!!
If you have HIV virus it is better to know than not to know... The reason i say this is because now it is no longer a death sentence, as it was in the 80s and if your positive you want to know sooner than later...once your immune system is diminished to full blown aids... Meds may not be able to help... If you are positive and find out now it is a great chance life will be as normal just with meds and condoms.... I have been diagnosed with hiv since 1999 i have had it 12 yrs though and didnt know it, i had two healthy children through an infected body and they are negative cause my viral load was undetectible during time of conseption ,throughout the pregnancy and during birth i listen to my doctors!!!!! I took my meds and prayed!!!!
God seen me through.... I too was wild teen having unsafe sex with health looking people... Boy was i nieve to think aids or HIV infected people had a particular look!! Heck i am 200lbs no one could tell by looking at me that im HIV positive...and lots of guys know about it and still desire me although they aren't positive...life won't be over if you are!!!! I think it will be a life changing thing but not a death threat if you take care of yourself and seek professonal doctors in the field.....to all who are worried about results don't be it's the fear that makes you sicker than the virus!! Ya know when i was diagnosed i was afraid and began having panic attacks and diareaha... Which i had not had before i knew..... This was stress causing these sickness.... Fear will kill you faster than HIV will....get checked and if your negative count your blessings and be safe or don't do it till marriage...yeah rt lol but any who before having unprotected sex know your partner inside and out...go get tests together and stay faithful!! 1 slip up can cause you to have to wear condoms the rest of your life so it's better to use now by choice than by state enforcement.... Strap it up!!!!

And if you, god forbid, are positive than pray repent and go to nearest local HIV and Aids facility get a case manager and set up doctors apt...you can be private about it and keep results to yourself!!!!! Meds now are great... Don't allow them to administer the what i call new meds to you try the oldest ones first!!!!! They are the ones best known as far as side effects etc... But just because your HIV positive doesn't mean it's med time either....if your immune system is in normal numbers you won't need meds... See HIV lives and eats our immune system cells in order to live and multiply itself each individual that has HIV has their own unique virus as our cells are unique... So once the virus is duplicated through using our cell we create what i like to call our own version of our personal HIV virus...therefore if two infected people were to get together you still wouldn't want to be unprotected because it will develope 2 different viruses in your system then and may mutate against the available meds!!!!!!

The meds we have available now put a protective barrier around our immune system cells giving them time to multiply to maintain a healthy immune system...therefore when the virus can't latch onto it's known food source(our immune cells) its cells dies now you would think well eventually all the virus would die and make the meds a cure...but blood diseases are the hardest if not imposible to find cures for cause your blood runs through your brain and all your organs and this is where virus cells hide and eventually come back out to multiply more when your taken off meds....see once your immune system is high and normal  and your virus is undetectable or low and at a stable stand still.....you can go on a med holiday giving your body the proper cleansing it needs meds can be hard on your liver and other body organs so you want to eat foods that help cleanse the body as you are living throughout your life... Even if your not hiv positive our processed food is toxic and chemicals we breath everyday etc... Cancer causing... Just take care of your body... You were given...and each day know that everything has a greater purpose than what we see...

Even this mere letter i am typing with my testimony and knowledge will be a seed sown into some one elses life one day and i hope they write me and let me know when it does...names aren't important just lives....life is too short to live by fear...live by faith and god bless every individual that runs across this letter.... Erica


Sent via Email January 23, 2007 from USA.

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