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Precious life

Hi I would like to share my expenrience with you:

I am 28 years old and 7 years ago I met a man, we liked each other and start dating, it became a real romantic love story, I was so happy and in love. Few months later everyone in my family and friends started to tell me I should stop this relationship because the guy had HIV. ( In my country almost 50% of the population has HIV) I never listened to anyone because so many people are said to be sick even if is wrong.


One day I was walking in the street and a man stopped me and asked me for direction, I was talking to him when he suddenly changed the subject and start telling me how I was in trouble because some people wants me dead I then got scared thinking he was a kind of spirit (stupid me) he asked me to follow him in a quite place so he can tell me more about my life, I followed him and he started to tell me that I was going out with someone who has AIDS, that I need to give him some money so he can give me some cure as I have been already contamminated (I beleived everything he was saying) I went home in chock,then later went to see my boyfriend, I started to acccuse him telling him he had contammined me, he start crying and and told all the truth about him: He had AIDS for the past 5 years and wanted to have a real relationship, I know he was in love with me and told me he had protected and was sure I was safe,I was so in love and I though I had HIV then I decided to stay with him as I had no choice, I start losing weight not because I was sick but because I was so depressed and so stressed. I moved to Canada 5 months later did all the test, I was HIV Negative, did a second, a third and more and more tests, all were negative. I could not believed it. 9 months later he joined me in Canada and we went back together: I can t explained what went wrong in my mind but I was in love with this man than nothing else matters, I wanted to take care of him, give him the love he didn't have...He started getting sick, I was there for him, taking days off at work, missing classes just to be on his side.


2 years later in 2004, I finally broke up with him, he was doing fine, was under treatment.

I just realized that God gave me one chance, I may not be lucky this time.

Life is so precious and given by the almighty God, please do not mess it up.


Sent via Email February 18, 2007 from Africa.

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