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What 2 do

Well let me start off by saying that i am glad all of those who change their lives due to the fact that they thought they had HIV... i personally think that i do have HIV and i jus dont know what im going to do on the day that they tell me im positive. i have been going through soo much stress these past couple of months, 3 months to b exact.. and i started having symptoms i think a month after my intercouse, it started off with my body jus feeling weird and ache muscles, thats when all the worries began.. i went to the hospital and they said that its just a lil virus that i had and it would pass within a couple of days.. well it did, but i still felt weird... about two weeks ago, i started to feel my glans swell up, then this week i started to have aches in my groind area with a dry cough.. im really scared for my family and i, especially for my girl friend.. it started out with my friend who came out here for a vacation and we ended up getting drunk and taking some girls to his hotel room where i recieved unprotected oral sex from her. i feel sooo bad and stupid, because i most likely ruined my life over one night of lust... i still feel like im supposed to wake up, but im not , this is reality!.. im sooo scared, i took a test last week and it came out negative, but i know i have it because of these symptoms im having, i have never felt like this before, and im not the one 2 really get sick of even stay sick longer than a week... im soo scared!!!! im only 24, have a good job, and a bright future if i can escape this disease... i told god past times that i would never put my u self in this situation, but yet here i am... i think this is it for me... i jus dont know how im gonna tell my girlfriend or my family and friends.. i dont know how im gonna b able to cope with it... im soo depressed and stressed, i jus dont know what to do or who 2 go to for help... i cant believe i have HIV..... some body help me please.

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Sent via Email February 18, 2007 from Las Vegas, USA.

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