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I will succeed


my name is ben i am 17 and live in vermont, i was born with the hiv virus when i was born and then quikly adopted after birth. so i really have no prior knowledge to my birth mother or father. when i was adopted and brought up to vermont and i have a handicapped sister the age of 21 who is of the african background and two brothers who are twins the age of 21 who are also from the african background and two sisters from india. one who is 22 and one who is 19. i am the youngest and iam the only of the cacuasin background but they look at me as one of the them with my disease so i don't look at them any different. the reason i am sending you my story because i've been happy, hurt, near fatality, and just about any other problem you can think and now i am in remission and i want the world all of the world to know me and what vision i have for the world.

all right here's where i start, there was martin luther king for the slavery of africans, and well i am going to be the one who is in a sense like martin luther king of hiv/aids patients but i know that ryan white already and not to sound cocky but iam going to be big i can feel it because my birth and not knowing my mother was crapy and learning and living and loving has opened my eyes and helped me see the light i want to make this world a better place. i want to help the africans in africa with there epidemic and our own here in america. i know people are going to be like well how can he help he's so young. well that just means that i have more future ahead of me than behind me. i am close with god and i realized that god did this for a reason and i know what my reason is to help the world and i won't let his plans and goals for me to come crashing down. i will succeed.


Sent via Email February 23, 2007 from Vermont, USA.

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