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ok...to everyone who is too terrified to get an hiv test..please do!!! I am 21 female and straight. ive had over 40 sexual partners since the age of 12. i have a son that is a year and half old.he is my life. when i got pregnant at 19 i was so bitter. i hadnt gotten a std or hiv test since i was 14. so i was so scared. when i found out i was pregnant i thought my life was going to end. i knew i was hiv+. i mean,why wouldnt i be??? ive had sex with so many different guys. i was such a slut. anyway.im not hiv+. but i had convinced myself whenever i was told that i was pregnant that i was,before the doctor even had a chance to tell me i wasnt. i planned to kill myself whenever i heard the words come out of the doctors mouth.i prayed so much while i was waiting for the results. i didnt want to be responsible for killing my little baby boy.so anyway,during the waiting period i prayed to God that i wouldnt have anything wrong with me.i was almost in a state of shock. i just knew i would be positive. not only was i not positive,but i didnt have any kind of std's. i thank God every day that he gave me another chance to make my life and my baby's life right. i now have lived with the same man which IS my baby's father for 3 yrs and i have not been promiscuous since i got together with him. i love him very much and our son is the light of our lives. GIRLS....PLEASE GET TESTED!!! There is nothing wrong with having sex, just please do it safely cause i have been there.and you dont want to ruin your baby's life by getting pregnant and being hiv positive. you will not just kill yourself...you will murder your own child. we cant help the choices we make...but we can learn from bad ones and prevent it from happening again.


Sent via Email March 10, 2007 from Arkansas, USA.

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