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The same shoes

I was in the Army for 3 years and i did have unpretected sex once or twice. I know this was'nt clever but i was young and did'nt know much regarding sex education. Once i left the Army i was back to square one but you could say i grew up a lot quicker. My friends were still smoking pot and that did'nt apeal to me any more so i went to look for work. A few dead end jobs came from this but i did'nt mind,just put my head down and worked hard, that all i knew to my back ground in the Army. After a year and a half i became a fitness instructor and still to this date am still woking as one.


In work i met a lovely sweet girl and one night i was in a club, and i seen her dress up and dancing she looked fantastic. Well i asked her out and we went on a few dates and we got together. We were getting serious and i thought its best taking a blood test and the whole other test as well, this was to make sure every thing was ok. 2 weeks later i got a text saying its the clinic we need you to come in. I knew some thing was wrong, sitting in the waiting room and all over the walls were imformation about HIV. i was called in and the nurse broke the news, i had HIV i was shocked. But 3 years down the line am still with my love of my life and that make its easy. I dont think about it, i keep my self busy with work and i tell you whats weird i was promoted to Mananger the next month. I think what i would like to say to the people out there, is dont let it take over, be strong and enjoy life and take care of your self and you will be fine. We are all in the same shoes and dont let any one look at you any diffrent.


Sent via Email March 21, 2007 from United Kingdom.

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