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This isnt about me..sometimes i wished it was. This is about my beautiful princess, yes, her name means princess. My lovely daughter. She got hiv, how easily it can happen. She was just seventeen, beautiful long blond hair, deep blue eyes, and extremely vunerable. She was so bullied at school, her sweetness and enthusiasm to please, making her an easy target. Anyway, she went to a nightclub, told me she was staying with a friend. Well she was with a friend, but in a club. A dodgy man slipped something in her drink, next thing she wakes in strange surroundings with an enormous afro/carribean man. She could not tell mum, how could she? she was meant to be staying with her friend. Within weeks she became ill, I called out the doctor, she was admitted into hospital, but who would suspect hiv? This went on for months, no one knew what could be wrong. Then she got better. I had no idea of the rape. She then got into a relationship and became pregnant. When the midwife told us of the hiv we were in total shock. Thats when she told me of the rape, double whammy!!!!!!!! She gave birth to a beautiful, healthy son, thanks to the drugs given during pregnancy. She now lives with her little boy, in her little house and does the day, how? i dont know, but she does. Im so proud of her, she is now almost twenty, and she gets bad days, but mostly not. The chap who deliberately infected her has now died, from a tooth absess they tell me. My heart is broken and yet she constantly reminds me of strength and humility, i can pray that all people everywhere, understand that anyone can get this, and not one need get it.


Sent via Email March 23, 2007.

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