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Don't be a fool

In your spare time you should click the link that says stories and read about those whom have contracted the virus. I can tell you some personal stories from people close to me that knew someone that contracted AIDS, including a relative that died from it AND a very close friend of mine now who was diagnosed 3 times with a positive HIV result. This person still hangs around me. And if I told you who you would never believe it. Happy to tell you her story and others too. Apparently, you have been under a LOT of peer pressure and thinking it cannot happen to you. We all make mistakes but times are much worst now...if you got clamydia, IMAGINE, it could have been HIV or worst - AIDS! You are so LUCKY! Watch yourself girl, I can tell you some freaky stuff that happends to your body when you catch that diease. Handle your business, them lil boys ain't worth it! Love or no Love, boys, men will stick it whereever these days and still say you the only one and how convincing they can be! Younger boys are WORST, young dumb and full of come, inexperience and immature, always trying to test their came, bragging and competing with one another to see who can get the ass! Or a blow job! And you don't want any STD in your mouth either! Hell, even I don't go there not even with John and never have! I'm sure you know what I'm saying cause I'm sure you've been approached by many boys. Check this- if he wanted to do you without a condom imagine how many others he has done without one, you think you were the only one or the first one! PlEASE, don't be a FOOL, makes you look WEAK! Are you weak?! And in vice versa, he should have thought the same about you for letting him do it. I'm really surprised at you. I really thought you had your mind right. There is one thing I can say, she ALWAYS packed her condoms, got her checkups regularly and made sure she wasn't out of them and if she was she would ask. I hope that you would do the same as well as educate yourself a lil more on STD's and how they can affect you. "Don't let conversation fool you, conversate the fools!" AND PLEASE DON'T BE A FOLLOWER YOU COME FROM A BLOODLINE OF LEADERS!


Sent via Email April 5, 2007.

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