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First hand

Someone very dear to me is suffering with aids at the moment. The heartache is overwhelming watching him fight day by day. Even though he has been hospitalized for the last four months he tells me he is going to fight this and get better and live a longer life. I love his positive attitude and pray each day that he is right. Witnessing first hand the devastation and suffering this disease brings scares me to the core. Please everyone out there, dont take chances with your life and the lives of others. It only takes that once to be affected by this illness. A moment of passion is not worth the pain and suffering it brings with it. Practice safe sex, or even better abstain all together until you find that special somone whom you can trust for a lifetime. I know that may sound unrealistic to some, but if you have seen what i have seen through my eyes, you would listen. Please dont let it happen to you or your family..


Sent via Email April 9, 2007 from Australia.

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