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I have a story to tell just like everyone else , but in my case I didn't have any symptoms but for the last couple of weeks have been hell , I was 100% sure that I would result positive. I couldn't sleep and I aged so much in these last couple of weeks that the signs are visible. I have double pressure on me . I have been praying to my God like no tommorow. I am in a b.a final years and tommorow is my exam but have not been able to study because of the tension . I prayed to God and was crying and asked God to help me because I can't study . The result was suppose to come a week from now but the nurse fromt he testing center called me and said everything was fine. But I would like to say one thing before I found out my result I was praying like crazy and in a way I felt as if I had gained strength to deal with circumstances no matter would the result would be . My dear brothers and sister whether u test positive or no pray to your God because he listens , if u test positive he would still be there and help you in some other way. last couple of weeks have chnaged me and now I am not scared of anything except God . People believe me he listens. If you test positive pray to him because he is there. Ask for forgiveness because I assure you he listens. and my request to people who have been through this tense time please help other people , spread awareness for safe sex and abstinence. I am a chnaged person now and I will do whatever I can to help my fellow man, maybe GOd made me go through all this so I can chnage. and I have chnaged. one of my greatest goals now is to help Aids patients and people hope for a cure is better than ever and maybe in next four five years the cure will b here. Already valporic acid is showing promising results. I have had some amazing seuxal experiences inthe past with some gorgeous women which any man would be proud of but the pain I went through just wasn't worth it . Sex is something holy and we gotta control ourselves and not be sleeping around with everyone . GOd bless you all and may he give us strength and put his fear into our hearts so we are not scared of anything but him.


Sent via Email April 11, 2007 from Canada.

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