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My aunts lessons

i went to a multi racil high school, during those years we usually had workshops for hiv aids and they were conducted by a mr Anthony. these workshops have helped me a lot in knowing all about hiv aids. i have always een careful but the condoms have always broke they broke like 10 times in ten different ladies. i have always thought i am hiv positive but i also continued using protection i have never in my life intentionally did sex without a condom although some of the women insisted i not use a condom. i stood by my choice to never do unprotected sex. the worst happened my loving aunt got sick and i thought maybe since she suffered from depression it is still the depression that was causing her to be sick and loose weight.

My aunt was always talking about the virus so i thought she knew better. she was advied by her doctor to go for an hi aids test and she did and it killed me inside to find out she had the virus and i kept on asking why did it have to be her, i mean she was a church going person and she always talked abouth the virus. it destroyed her within 2 months. i felt as if this was happening to me, this worried my family because i am here because of that aunt the tv games, the shoes, the trousers, the money i had she made it possible and now she was dying. she played a big role in my life, she will always be a big part of my life. unfortunately she died few weeks later and i kept thinking to myself how long am i going to survive because i think i have the virus. in the following year i enrolled in another univewrsity to try my luck again since i have been suspended in anoter college two years before and i dropped out in another 1 year before these two years. in this university they have a center which offer free hiv testing and i decided let me go to the center and test. this has got to be the biggest decision i have ever taken in my life. on the 18 march 2004 i went for the test, i got the pre-counselling, i got the test, i got the post-counselling and i was told i was HIV NEGATIVE. i jumped in joy, this has got to be the best news i have ever had. i cried tears of joy i could not believe it. i mean the condom have broken several times in different people who do not even care if i put the condom or not. i have always told myself i will never do it without a condom, i do not care who u are, where u from , how many boyfriends u have had as long as i used the condom. this is stupid because everytime u sleep with someone who does not know their status i am putting myself at risk. i am currently doing few modules to complete my degree and i owe this to my aunt without her i would not be here, without her i would not have went for the hiv aids and without her advices i would have not cared about hiv. i would also thank Mr Anthony for giving me such knowledge about hiv. i would also lastly thank God for giving me many chances to mend my ways.


Sent via Email April 12, 2007 from South Africa.

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