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I need help


I am 20 years old and enjoying my life till yesterday when i got news from my doctor that me and my daughter 19 months old are hiv positive, i have been with my husband for three and a half years but he tested negative, am a very strong christian but through this time one cannot look at life but instead think of digging his or her own grave, when i was young i used to dream of coming to europe getting married and having a daughter, God surely gave me that and now look at me, am just done, i dont have friends and i havent told my family too, am very sad and lonely, my husband works far away and the fact that no one knows what am going through that alone make me so depressed, i look at my baby and myself and see us dead in a few years, i have lost loved ones from this same disease and the last stage makes me really scared, i was always faithful in my relationships but my last boyfriend was a cassanova and i know am dying because of him and my inocent baby is going through hell because of this man, what will i tell my baby and how,am so depressed and to be honest i have thought of taking my life away but again when i think of my baby i dont know what to do.


Sent via Email April 13, 2007 from Africa.

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