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Don't trust anyone

Your site is very wonderful. i want to share my story with the world. well i was diagonised with hiv in 2005 when i was 8 mionths pregnant and i thot that was the end of me but thank God i mananged to sail through. i delivered thru caesarian section in a bid to avoid transmitting the virus to the baby but the baby probably got it whilst in the womb. i want to emphasise on one thing TO ALL THE YOUNG LADIES OUT THERE PLEASE DONT TRUST ANYONE. the beauty now lies in the blood rather than how many presents HE BUYS you or how many times he says i love you

i am a victim of trust. i trusted my boyfriend and never thot he could cheat on me.

however i have accepted my status and i hope to live a healthy life and raise my son well God being my helper.


Sent via Email February 28, 2007 from Zimbabwe.

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