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Wait till marriage

Wow, i cant belive i have just had sex for the first time even thou i was 16.... now i can tell all my friends about it and tell them how fun it is! Haha... Nope not how it works reallly.... we didnt use protection. I could be pregnent or have HIV/AIDS. I never thought about that. So one day when i was talking to my mother, she told me that i have to go and get checked for cervixal cancer. So i went and they did that stuff that they do and then they told me that they would call me if anything came up.. well before i walked outta the room, the doctor told me to come back. She said " YOU ARE PREGNANT." AHH i couldnt be........ or could I?? My doctor told me to go and pee in a cup and then give it to her so she could make sure she had the right one.... well she did.. i was three weeks pregnant and totaly scared to tell my mom or my dad. Well the next couple days i tried to tell my mother why i was throwing up and getting alittle bigger.. well that day i got a call from my doctor telling me that i was HIV positive. I started cring.. i went to my mother and told her all about me being pregnant...... and the HIV infection....... well the doctor wanted me to go back soo i did. She took my blood again and right away she could tell that i was scared to found out the whole truth, not just the fake one.......... well the next day she called me and told me THAT I DID NOT HAVE THEM!!!!! I was sooo happy to found out that i didint have HIV but i was still pregnant.... the weeks and months went by and i thank ev everyday that i didnt have HIV and that i had my little baby boy Scott Micheal... hes my angel..... i am 17 now and happy to no that me and my baby daddy are here to stay and dont have HIV or any STD just a little baby....... Be safe and try not to have sex untill you are married.


Sent via Email February 28, 2007 from New York, USA



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