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Howdy Folks !!! I am going on my 4th year since my diagnosis. Needless to say it has been a very difficult road to walk. When I first started getting sick I did not think it was anything more than the flu. Things got worse and worse untill I had a 104 degree (farenhiet) fever and I was out of my mind . I never even thought of A.I.D.S. as that I am straight and have never I.V.'d drugs , let alone share a needle. But as it turned out I had unprotected sex with a woman whose ex boyfriend was a junkie. When they whealed me into the hospital my blood oxygen level was 46 and my cd4 was 37. I was on deaths doorstep. I had full blown A.I.D.S. with collapsed lungs from pnumosystic pnumonia. I took my medications as directed and when I got out of the hospital my legs were so atrophied from being confined to bed that I could only walk a few steps at a time. My girlfriend ( who is uninfected and still by my side ) purchased an exercise bike and I worked on it daily untill I regained my strength. I have since been on numerous long distance treks and walkabouts. I have been in Backpacker Magazine for my hike in the U.S. on The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. I just got done in March 07 with hiking The Ouachita Trail in Arkansas. I am going to Montana in 2 weeks to do another project with Backpacker. I am also planning on walking across america starting in San Francisco on Feb 11 arriving in Washington D.C. on July 11th 2007 . The project is called The Longest Walk 2 . There is plenty on the net about it. I am seriously considering making an attempt on Mt Everest in the summer of 2009. I do not know if anyone with A.I.D.S has ever climbed it. I am not going to sit on my arse and wait around for Mr. Death. He will have to catch me first, and I hike like the devil himself is chasing me. I hope that my story inspires someone to go beyond what they think is thier limits.


Sent via Email July 31, 2007 from Texas, USA.

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