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Play safe

Here we go today is Aug 4, 2007 I am currently 19, years old I found out a week ago that I am currently HIV+ and OMG I don't know what to say or feel right now. I don't know who gave me this and really I don't care.. I keep telling myself I can't blame no one but cause I engaged in many acts that lead to this. I took a HIV test one day I went in because I had Hemroid problem since I was at the docter Fuk it let me get the HIV test I was a lil scared in the back of my mind I felt I had it, but I put it off and carried on with life for the next two weeks. I was at school and my mother called me saying The Health DEpt. hand deliverd a letter, my mother call me I was nervous I went in and they told me I was positive needless say I kick and scream and cried and curssed I just knew I was a day away from the grave. I found the courage to tell my mother father and sisters that I was Positive my Grandmother the day after. BUT TO BE HONESTY people I don't think I have felt the wrath of it yet I cried 3 days and I just decided to go on with life. I am very lucky I have caught this at an early stage. I decied already to tackel this head on, but I would not be able to be at this point so early if it was not my faith in GOD for nothing happens unless its the Lords will if I leave this world because of this its because the Lord knew before I was born I would leave this world because of this.Now I am not bragging but also I am involved with BIG BEND CARES I meet this guy who was HIV+ Seeing him and him telling me his story gave me strength that there was hope and you can live with this VIRIUS. I want to live and thats what im going to do im glade IM SAVED! PLay SAFE PEople you cant look and tell if some one has it 1 love my people.


Sent via Email August 6, 2007 from Talahassee, USA.

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