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i am a university student here in cape town, everywhere i go i see a pregnatnt young lady, as young as 19. this gives me the impression that the youth are not using condoms. they do not really take the hiv virus seriosuly. this worries me because i know what the virus can do to a body. i wish the youth can wake up and take care of their lives. according to the statistics here in south africa, 5 million people are hiv positive, thousands are dying daily, hundreds are being newly infected. then what is a person's chance of getting this terrible disease. there is a huge chance. i have have a number of sexual partners in my life and i have always protected myself by using a condom. not eve one of my partners have insisted that i use a condom, they just klie there and wit for me to do my thing. it seemed as if it's entirely depends on me to do with a condom or not and when you insist on a hiv test, that causes problems in a relationship. i hope the youth would stop being such ignorant, stupid and promiscous beings. hic is there, it's here. please protect yourself or do not do it at all.


Sent via Email August 13, 2007 from Cape Town, South Africa.

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