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Stop hitting it raw


I'm an HIV/AIDS counselor for 6 years now. I thought I would turn out positive everytime I took a test. As if I was wanting to get positive. One does not need to get tested 3 or 4 times a year. One needs to protect themselves or remain abstanent. Really...

I used to want to have sex all the time with many different women, but now I learn one thing I need to either ruduce my partners and wear a condom or just stop having so many different sex partners without getting them tested or myself.

Do you see how much of a responsibility it is just to get laid is...

It's better just to change ones' behavior.

If you get tested so many times a year one is looking to turn-up HIV posititve. As if one can give HIV back.

Look. I told you I used to like to have alot of sex and still do, but now I understand that sex can cost me to become infected...

God Bless everyone regardless if you are infected or not



Sent via Email August 13, 2007 from Chicago, USA.

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