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With protection

Hey guys, im a straight 18 year old male from sydney Australia, not very sexually active, but do occasionally, with protection always.


It was only when i met a girl from a mates house one time when i decided to take off the condom for some stupid reason. This girl was a young, girl who had been taking heavy drugs with older guys previously, even though she was 17, i heard that she had been sleeping around, dirty and also she told me she ran away from home for a couple of months.

A couple of days later, as i got to no this girl, i seemed to be getting closer to her and ended up having sex with her, with protection at first and after a couple of times, she said to take it off and i did, which i regret. Anyways i slept with this girl for the past week, giving and recieving oral sex, and all. Then after that week i noticed red tiny spots on my penis, so i was so scared and nervous and didnt no what to do, so i rushed to the doctors and said it was trauma, and then i got tested and came back with thrush and genital herpes simplex 2. It wasnt over yet, i had to wait for a total of three months (window period) for the hiv results, and during the window period i havent slept a night and there wasnt a time when hiv wasnt in my mind, especially when a couple of weeks after the last time i had unprotected sex with this girl, when i started to see symptoms of a sore throat, head ache, fever, stomach pains, diorrea, muscle and bone pain,blurry vision, fatigued throughout the days, yeast infections on my penis and mouth, sleepless nights, and vomiting at one stage, etc, basically it was every symptom that you could imagine, and what scared me the most was that this was unusual , whereas i was really healthy and i knew that i only had to have one of these to be likely to have HIV.


Well as i went on, through the weeks that seemed like years for me, i noticed and also everyone around me noticed that i wasnt myself, nor alive, and just basically classified as dead, (touch wood) though.

As time went by, i kept in contact with this girl, who was helpless, due to being a b****, and kept telling me shes fine, and kept lying about herpes, but any way, i managed to get a hold of her ex-boyfriend, who was a nice guy, and i explained everything that happened, and he told me that he left her as soon as he found out she was on drugs, ran a way from home and also, when i heard that she had been working for an escort agency in kingscross, and from there, i was shocked with fear and horror, and said to myself thats it, i have Hiv and im going to die young. :((((


But that wasnt the last of my fears even though i was 99% sure of getting hiv. But i went and got tested, later on which wasnt scary, but the scariest part was, going back a week later, and anxiously waiting to hear the results, and as soon as the doctor told me i was Hiv NEGATIVE, i was relieved with joy, happiness and just prayed to god and thanked him for gettinmg me through this. And i did regret every single moment of having sex without a condom, and, this is an experience that i will never ever want to go through ever again and hopefully never should anyone go through it, just think twice, be wise and use protection, its not worth your life for a bit of fun guys, so please believe me, and listen, dont fall into any holess, pleaseeeee, and this has opened my eyes to the world, of being given a second chance to life, thank goddd. mwaaa xoxoxoxo sending my love and god bless ya all guys, feel free to contact me any time.


Sent via Email September 5, 2007 from Sydney, Australia.

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