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Lost a love

My name is Marie my family and i had recently lost a love one to the epedemic disease called HIV/Aids. The reason for me sharing my story because i have seen what this disease does to your body. Our love one suffered for a month, we witness her doing well and without a warning the doctors telling my family there is nothing they can do. I want family members to realize that their love one can easily been in that same place and if you do have a member of your family who is positive, be there for them unconditional. My aunts body went through so much from her organs shutting down, drastic weight loss, skin turning dark and also for her loosing her independence. I remember one day while she was in the hospital i was combing her hair and she looked at me and asked for the comb she tried with all her strength to do for herself but realize that she could not and she started to cry. The disease did take over her body but it never took away her good spirit or her personality. And our family would like to praise god because most families be ashamed of their love ones, but our family and closest friends was with her every step of the way we prayed we played gospel music for her (lullibies for the soul) and we played with her hair, rubbed her hands and legs and at that moment her body was at rest she departed this world on July 5, 2007. So just remember if you are positive take your medicine and dont ever think you are along battling this disease called HIVAids.


Sent via Email July 28, 2007 from USA.

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