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For me my first gay experience was at the early age of 15 & i used to sneek out of the window & head for the city-Sydney.I was never asked for ID as in those days if you walked in those doors to the clubs you were cosidered 'fresh meat' to some. I lead a very active & never ending lifestyle as i was experimenting. Living in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney was like living in an outdated era, which to this date not much has changed. I was in 3 lomg term rerlationships & then when i was dumped by my boyfriend i was taken to a gat sauna (i certainly was not dragged there, i went of my own abolision.
I had been out with friends drinking for at least 6 hours & we decided to check out the saunas as i had not attended one of these premises. I was overwhelmed with what i saw & i was so 'out of it' i didnt really care. I did the usual walking around not knowing what to do or how to act in these premises. I was watching some porn in the room & i saw a guy that i thought was very goodlooking & we started fooling around. At first it was nice & he took me into a cubicle & we did the business, when he finished it was only then did i notice that we were not alone. There was a line of men in the room & outside that i could see. They were all engaging in some form of sex & i was then 1 by 1 raped by 6 men. I think this was the amount of men as i have blocked most of it out. Five hours later walking down the street to the bus stop that i just ran & ran, i lived an hours walk from the premises but this did not worry me as i just wanted to get home without being close to people. walking into the house was a sight that i never thought would make me happy. I sat on the floor for awhile wandering who or what to do now, do i report this or do i let it go.

This desicion was to be worse than the assult, the police did not want to know about it & told me to go home & sleep it off. I felt so betrayed & i never thought i would be treated this way. I was asked afew questions & then after they discussed it amongst themselves with there fellow officers i was told to sleep it off. I have never had any possitive thoughts on our police system & at every chance i will give all to be confronted by them as i now know they cant & wont put me in that postion again. They think they have the power well on that day i was given the power & no-one will ever take it from me.
Needless to say i tested positive & deep down i knew it was inevitable & just a matter of time. I have come to one realisation in this experience, it was not the sauna, nor the rape/assault but the attitude i recieved from the authorities that was the worst. You/we have the power, just dont let an experience like mine happen to make you realise you have that power. Stand up for your rights, as we are all & one & soon every person in this world will know of someone close to them that is gay/lesbian &/or has HIV unless we speak our minds, & show everyone that is uneducated in these matters, our voices hold the future. Love to you all. "And Yes I've Been Had"


Sent via Email July 9, 2007 from Australia.

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