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Wasting syndrome

I am a 36 year young gay man & very proud to say that, i have been positive for over 15 years now. I have recently been diagnosed with waisting syndrome & i must say that i was shocked by this news.The reason why is that my main concern was that i did not want that to happen to me & i made all the necessary attempts to stop this from happening. How you might ask, the point of telling my HIV doctors that i did & would not participate in any drugs that will cause this to happen. I knew there wasnt many drugs available back then but as the time passed it had come that we had many options to choose from.I knew of the consequiences of not taking the medications & i knew what would happen to me, this was a risk i was willing to take. After going threw the normal head spins, aggression & disgusted bt what the so-called professionals had done to me.
I am now a walking "skeleton" or as many say i now have the "Death look". I was then refered to a plastic surgeon in Sydney as they had just approved the Sculptura trials here. I was automatically put on the list as i was effected to a major degree, upon visiting the clinic for the first visit & treatment i must say i was not impressed. Not only was i told that i would not see any/all imrpovement with this treatment i was horrified. It is not there job to predict what may come of this, sure they have donated there time/facilities for this treatment but they are only doing it for there satisfaction &/or purpose. It was nothing but negativity from them, i was so upset by being treated like this. If it wasnt for the wall that i have had to build up around me due to homophobia/ill informed treatments i would have done something to myself. I know that many others would not have been able to handle being treated like this & espescialy from professionals. I never thought it was a miracle cure but i would have wanted to just wait & see what came of it, now with 3 treatments to go i am wandering if at all i should attend them as they will not do any good.

I just wish i was born a decade later than i was as things are much easier for people with this illness caused from HIV. Peoples attitudes have changed for the better for the most part but rest assured it only came from our strenghts/ambitions & determination to have our equal rights as people of this world.I just hope 1 thing comes from my experence & this is that people be very vigilant in what they want out of the medications,as for all you know you may want to risk having waisting syndrome but for me it wasnt an option that i was given. Please be aware of all medication side effects as they wont tell if you dont ask, may all the younger generation continue this fight for all of the equal rights that the straight community have-we should all be equal citizens of this world. We are here & we wont go away, as the good old saying goes; "Were here,Were queer,Get used to it".
Peace out to you all.


Sent via Email July 9, 2007 from Australia.

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