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Husband positive

hi everyone

am a 22yrs old woman and married to a french white man, since we have been married there has been alot of problems but we can settle them.it's all happen when my husband started another confussion and he left the house, and i was pregant at that time, i was 6months. it took a while befor he came home which i had to call and call him before he came back home, when he came home i told him that i want us to have an HIV test and he told me that he has nothing, and still i insisted that i needed it done. and he wanted to have sex with me i said no until we get the test done, after two day we went to the hospital and took the HIV test, the doctor told us to wait in 2 hours time and he left but i waited. and the result came that my husband is positive and am negative i started crying, i love my husband so much because he has been so kind to me and my family.
when i went home i told him that he has nothing because i don't want him worried, and i never had sex with him but we were in the same house and he keeps going out having good time, so after five months i just told him the truth that he has aids and he needs to take care of himself and he told me am joking. and he went to the hopital right away to get tested again when he came back he just told me he now has aids because of me and i ask him why, he said because i don't like to have sex with him so he was been having sex with all my friends and one of them has gave him aids. i told him that am always going to be there for him no matter what but we can not have any relationship and he said he knows that. and he is now living another place. he told me that we are all he is living for and he is ok living another place.


Sent via Email June 13, 2007 from London, UK.

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