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US discriminates


I read your story with a personal touch. Trully it is sad!

It is true that being HIV+ is a sin under US immigration laws despite the fact that the former president Clinton had lifted HIV+ ban to allow individuals in this category to be classified as minority members of a special social group. It is tough enough to pursue your papers after testing HIV+ in the US yet it is here where there is credit for HIV+ research and care in world over. To a foreigner that might might sound too good to be true. Every one who comes here knows how it goes; GREEN CARD!!!! GREEN CARD!!!! Or simply staying in status. And that starts with disclosing your medical records and from feard alone after knowing what others have gone through, one might not come out to continue pursuing their papers. Rather just stay low. Even attorneys will tell you that it is close to impossible if one ever discloses their status while they are working to adjust status. This send many into lying and fabricating their health stories. Worse enough even the spouses will disown one another especially the healthy partner will no longer proceed with help that they were initially willing to under take. I have been in the US for 15 years and my sin became clear after I had disclosed that I was HIV+. Even with my country being classified as one of the country's where HIV+ treatment and Care is questionable, it still does not ammount to extreme hardship for some to be returned back to their country of origin. We all know and the US government knows that getting an HIV+ individual who is currently on AVRs back to their countries is a death sentence, it just don't matter because the individual is a foreigner. And this might bring question to the value of any human life who has sensed threat to their lives as mentioned in US laws, that such individuals shall qualify for weavers from deportation. That sounds sweet and good but does it work that way in the US? Is the law on HIV+ misintupreted or applied selectively and not uniformly as was recommended during president Clinton? I feel this way because of my current situation. I fall in this category of beloved productive people. I have petitioned my deportation to no success and recently INS Agents raided my residence and took looking to deport me unfortunately, they took my 20 years old son who was coming back to the house that morning. My son has been held on $50,000.00 bond since May 17th 2000 for being out status bacuse my former spouse who petitioned for them as well withdrew her petition after learning of my condition. The IJ I understand maintains that he cannot lower the boy's bond due to father's aqbsconding or being fugitive despite the other papesr already filed by my current attorney. This means despite my condition which the US government has proof, I am still facing deportation. This has been the toughest moments in my life as a parent and I have lost faith in this country and just don't care any more what happens to me next. I just wanna go home and if my fate is death, I will be happy to have died happily in my country where I don't have to keep looking over my sholder all the time or worse enough spending sleepless nights and fear of returning to my job which I really love. From my personal experience in this country, it is true that United States Discriminates Against HIV+ People.


Sent via Email June 24, 2007 from USA.

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