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I am a single, 32-year old woman and HIV NEGATIVE! Yes! From what I've been through the last few weeks, I was completely convinced I was HIV positive. One night a few weeks ago, I woke up suddenly at 3am with abdominal cramps, vomiting and diarrhea. Then had a swollen throat and my skin was breaking out in hives or welts of some sort. A fews days after that, I had chest pains, which turned out to be pericarditis (fluid around the lining of my heart) and pleurisy (fluid in the lining of my lungs) and I had a fever. Went into the hospital to find out the doctors thought I could have Lupus. But before they could diagnose me with Lupus, I had to go through a whole battery of blood tests, including HIV. I was petrified out of my mind. You see, over a year ago, I was diagnosed with genital herpes (the person that I was with at that time never told me he had it) and I also had HPV, the cervical cancer kind. So now I thought there was a huge chance I had HIV. I was even breaking out in sweats at night.


So I got the courage to take that HIV test and had to wait 4 days for the results. I went stir crazy waiting those 4 days. I was constantly on the internet reading everything I could about HIV. I thought about how I would break the news to my friends and my family....and especially my boyfriend...if I was indeed HIV positive. My boyfriend has been nothing but wonderful to me and loves me for who I am. I finally found someone who I think I could spend the rest of my life with. What would happen if I were HIV+? Those 4 days were the scariest days of my life. I prayed everyday.


Turns out, a lot of the symptoms I had had ot do with Lupus. The night sweats were a side effect of the steroids the doctor put me on. And they think that I had food poisoning that started it all. I thank God everyday. And I am so glad I had the courage to take the HIV test. Knowing is a million times better than wondering.


Sent via Email June 12, 2007 from Micigan, USA.

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