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A normal life

Hi,my name is Amber, I was diagnosed with HIV 3 years ago on november 3,...I was in this placement center and I started feeling sick but I never thought nothing of it...I went and had a bunch of test done but all they could tell me was that it was a virus in my blood that could not be detected...I started reading this book about this girl who was diagnosed with HIV and had the symptoms of it and come to find out I had the same one's..So I finely got up the nerve to get tested and 2 day's later it came back positive, 2 day's before my 15th birthday...I was depressed and gave up on life because I thought my life was over from then on..well I was let go from the placement center 2 day's before thanksgiving because I had been hospitalized and they did'nt know how to deal with it, so I went back to my family's and in febuary i took a turn for the worst after several blood transfusions and being in the hospital in febuary I couldnt breath and I was really sick I went into the emergency room and they kept me and gave me 24 hours to live...So I transfered to the UFM hospital and had surgery and another blood transfution, I was put on alot of antibiotics and I lost alot of weight I got down to 70 pounds my hair was falling out, but I got better after being there for 2 months and still to this day I am doing great and living a normal life as every else is...


Sent via Email June 12, 2007 from Oregon, USA.

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