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Shared memories

Well this is my story about a loved one about 5 years ago my uncle Max found out that he contracted hiv and was hiv positive with in days and he has beeen living with Aids and he tells me it's hard to go though this and sometimes he says he feels like giving up on life he says what the point of living if i am going to die anyway and i tell my uncle why give up when you can make a change in your life it is not the end i told him and i said i am with you all the way if you need me you know you can always count on me and plus life is too short to waste way even though you probably don't have much time you must make the best of it now he is living his life the way he should and taking mediation i really don't know what i would do if my Uncle Max left my side he is the light in my eyes i know he won't live much long but at least i'll have the memories i shared with him and know one can take that away from me.



Sent via Email June 6, 2007 from USA.

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