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No meds

My name is Gregory and i have hiv for about 15 years i do not take meds. i have not been sick, at one time in my life i did worry about when i would get sick or what ever, i mean waiting for something to happen, this was a no no because i am a single parent with three kids this was back in 93 i re-acted like lots of people do driking drugs to kill the pain of what i thought would come, i had just move to Minnesota had no people here to tell or didn't know who i could trust with such news about my self, or how would my kids take the new about their father how would they be treated in school etc... well three years in to sickness i was asked to move when the people in the apartment compexs was told that i was postive i was told that i could fight that action but i didn't want to live somewhere i was not wanted i didn't think it would be safe for me or my kids that happen two times in my life, still no sickness then there was dating hey i am hot looking this i know but i didn't feel like dating so of all things that was happenning to me the last thing i wanted was to have to tell someone that i was postive and then be rejected or outed in the hood the more i tryed to stay to myself the more others would try to get with me, so i tryed my frist open gay relatesonshipthree years ago i am still in it it has it up and downs my partner is neg. and i am still pos. this too is something that i have to work out cause it not easy for me to know that if we are not careful he too could become pos. by me so far i have not effected anyone thank god for that now my kids are grown gone in their own homes i have grandkids four so far and have found some enjoyment in life i am not waitting to get sick i am living life so who ever read this i hope it make you feel good for today and all the days to come.


Sent via Email June 1, 2007 from Minneapolis, USA.

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