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Hi i am 25 years old, and my uncle is Positive it breaks my heart knowing that he will die someday, he was one of the nice'est person you would ever meet and funny! my uncle is in a hospital right lying in his bed looks as if he is dead already, i break down in tears seeing him that way asking god why? he was a good man and always took good care of grandma and loved her with all his heart,my grandma past away about 3 years ago she was diabetic, my uncle kept her ashes and when he found out he was HIV positive he dropped into a big depression he went missing for almost a month we reported him missing no news from him for a while, then one day we get a call from New Mexico police dept. telling us that they found are uncle,my uncle was heading to Florida leaving Texas but some how ended up lost in New Mexico when they found him we asked where was his car? and he said somewhere in Amarillo Texas he did'nt remember. And then we asked for grandma and he said that he left her in the car, till this day we are looking for my uncles car and my grandama , HIV and AIDS is a horrible disease but so is depression. its taking my uncles life and its sad and painful to expierence something like this. for everyone out there be safe and always protect yourself, and for all who are Positive may God Bless You and hold you in his arms and heal you in heaven. Love to everyone living with this horrible disease.


Sent via Email October 31, 2007 from USA.

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