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Hi, I am 30 year old male. Three months ago I was the happiest man on the earth with loving wife and beautiful daughter. I was far from them for work when I meet a girl (I knew her from 4 months) and we decided to have sex. We did it two times and both the times unprotected. And after 2 months from that encounter, I started to feel that I have fever and very little headace and no other symoptoms.


I have been thinking about one thing. Is god going to punish me for my mistake and dishonest behaviour ? I have been honest all my life and god fearing, but that day I lost my senses and did that mistake.


I have my test on Friday for HIV. Every day I look at my daughters picture and I ask her for the forgivennes and pray to the god to forgive me. I love my family, mom and dad.


I want to confess that I cheated my family and my love. I beg you my lord for one chance in life. I promise that I will not do any thing wrong in life.


I request everyone reading this to pray for me and my family. GOD FORGIVE ME !! I promise you that I will be your good son. I don't have the courage to hear the word positive.


Friends I request you all that before we do this mistake. Just think about the people who are waiting for you to return home (healthy). We have no right to spoil there dreams. GOD BLESS US ALL. GOD FORGIVE ME FOR MY DEEDS. I couldn't prove myself as a good father and husband. I AM SORRY. GIVE ME A CHANCE I AM VERY MUCH DEPRESSED. GOD I NEED YOU AND YOUR BLESSING.




Sent via Email October 28, 2007 from Europe.

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