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God is the answer

Let me start by saying that God is the answer! I was diagnosed with HIV in May 1992. I sit here writing to everyone undetectable and in excellent health. Honestly, I believe that my God has healed me.


When I first got my diagnosis, I was in total shock. I told no one for years. I went on with that mentality for a long time and it turned into denial. I wasn't taking care of myself. Hanging out, still having sex, and smoking weed like crazy. I was getting sick alot with colds and pneumonia. But the last straw was when I was hospitalized. I has a pure list of things wrong with me on my discharge sheet. I was 98 pounds and my hair was falling out and I was turning dark. I looked at myself in the mirror and I heard the voice of the Lord say "This is not you, you have to get your life together". I thought about my kids and I knew I had to make a change because I couldn't leave them behind.


I got saved on July 11, 2000. I hasn't been easy or perfect. I still made mistakes along the way, but I had that grace and mercy that God gives His children. The longer I was saved the more I got closer to God and stop disobeying Him. Since I made that decision to give my life to Him and live by His word, I have not been sick since. I have been undetectable and by His stripes, I've been healed! Now I am a God fearing, God loving, Jesus freak! My salvation is the most important thing in my life and I know that is what is keeping me healthy. This testimony that I share is for those who have given up, those who have no hope, and those who do not reverence God.


If I can leave you with one bit of advice, I would tell each and every one of you to give your life to Christ. He is the only one who can save your life. Obey Him and you will have an even better life once this world is passed away. I feel this is my ministry and this is the first post I have made. I will not stop until I spread the Word of God to the hurting, sick, and hopeless. Feel free to email me anytime. I love you all and Jesus does too!


Sent via Email October 26, 2007.

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