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Ask god

Hi every one i just want to tell you that no matter how dangerous your life is God is always protecting you from every thing everyday.


Here is my story it is like most of you who were devestated and was afraid to know the truth about your status i have unprotected sex with my ex-boyfriend eight month ago and i become pragenant i was shoked to know that i am pragenet at the moment b/c we were using outside ejaculating method but it happened and to the worst i found out he has been sleeping with sex-worker(unprotected) before me for the last 4 years. when i heard this i become helplessly devestated I could not eat, sleep, work or study i was crying every night to make the matters worse he become very ill with PCP phnemonia which is the indication of HIV. All in all i fully forced to belive that i am postive for sure. But one day God send me one person and that person told me that God is always forgiving and needs me to have faith in him so I started to pray very hard every night and attened church, I was praying not to heal me from my desease but to save my soul i was praying for my soul forgiviness. But to my surprise God answered my prayer and told me that " don't warry my child i was waiting for you for your entire life to come back to me but you did and i was listing your prayer i did not only save your soul but i will heal you from your desease for good i will drain your tear my child you will not cry for every go get tested " and i did test negative....

So please ask God for mercy he will. Do not hesitate his power for a second he could do everything for you. your life is his gift for you after all he is creater of the universe belive in him "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except by Me."

God will help you!!!! God is my Shepered!!!

Good luck to all of you.


Sent via Email October 10, 2007 from Ethiopia.

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