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Life is valuable

Well my experience with HIV taught me that life is valuable and you can't afford to take risks with your sexual health. One winter I moved to Vancouver, B.C. and I met a man there. We dated and started to have sex for me it was just a fling and I didn't have any plans on having a long-term relationship as I was going to move back home to another province. Well I got pregnant a month after we started having sex. Our relationship ended because he was an alcoholic and occasional drug-user. We soon moved in together and he was happy about having a baby with me. We lived near the notorious Hastings in Vancouver so I ended the relationship after three months and I noticed he would take off and not return for days and even a week. Due to his rampant drug use and alcoholism.


After I left him I decided to raise our child on my own without his help because I wanted to have this baby.

I didn't see a doctor until I was 6 months pregnant and she did some blood tests on me. I found out that I had chylimadia and my HIV test was negative. I was devastated and I got treated and surprisingly my baby wasn't infected. A few short weeks later my son was born and I named him Zane.


Then I find out he had a low white blood count and the doctor told me that he might be HIV positive, this made me worried,I had a few sleepless nights. I went and taken the HIV test again. I waited a week and found out it was negative. Zane was tested for his illness and it took awhile to find out what was really wrong with him. A few months later it was learned Zane wasn't HIV positive but he was anemic due to my anemia during my pregnancy.


It changed my life going through this worrying about having HIV and AIDS. I learned to be responsible in terms of my sexual health and I practised safe sex with my partner. I hope my story will help people to practise safe sex.


Sent via Email October 7, 2007 from Canada.

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