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Get medical attention

I found out that I was HIV positive March 13th 2007...till that day I was not the person I am today. That day thanks to the help of SF AIDS fondation and the people surrounding me along with ATRIPLA I am challenging the reality of being a victim to being the survivor and face of something I'm just becoming to grips with.


Ignorance is something I have dealt with in my friends, family and communities growing up in Montana. They have no idea of what it is really like to live with a reality this devastating. I got married to my wife three weeks after my diagnosis. I got so tired and sick when I seroconverted...I'm learning that many don't. Please, please if you're reading this get checked every 3 months. I'm fortunate that I did. I have the peace of mind that I only got affected by one person...and did not affect another person that I truly care for besides my wife.


When you find out...GET MEDICAL ATTENTION. I lived in San Francisco for many years and the insane, crazy fools of ACTUP SAN FRANCISCO were spreading that AIDS is a lie. They are just scared of the truth. Denial is a lonely place to live. I am HIV positive...one day I will develop AIDS and I am frightened of this reality, though I am finding comfort in my relationship with my wife and my relationship with God even though that wavers.


Again, go to a doctor, there are programs to help in every state....get on meds....they are amazing. My doctor who is also positive was incredible in direction me. Find support. Talk about it...it's worth it. Be the face of HIV...I am.

I was at 203 t cells with a viral load of over 4 million in late March...now I am at 590 t cells with a viral load of 137. AMEN for ATRIPLA.


Sent via Email October 1, 2007 from Washinton, USA.

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