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An african

An african only 20yrs of age and looking back at my life cant complain i had it all, fame good looks(no for real) good health, i was a top athlete in my time with records i set and still today not yet broken..i had it soo good people,my parents even bought me an suv (new and my dad had the inside custom built for me) at the tender age of 15.thats when the shit started!!

16 and a few i moved to ireland for studies (solo), hung around with the wrong click, and before you know i had traded my talents/soul for alcohol, ill-gotten riches and girls! That went on till i graduated from high school and had to return home, 18 and a few im back in my yard, much smaller than before, got bad habits and my lower lip looking dodgy the only symptoms..8months down the line got accepeted to a varsity in the east,russia.(dont ask)need send copied transcripts and hand in my medicals to the russian consulate for visa requirements!!

i have never been soo worried fellas i mean iv done some shit but never been this stressed!! my time in ireland coupled with the few mistakes id done since id been home made my stomach ache. my parents who apparently knew about my irish lifestyle were soo worried, esp my mum, she even stopped eating for a few days, i have never hated anyone as much as i hate myself since!
well due to my dads constant strong will and positve thinking he pulled his family back togehter again, but during that period i honestly never concided suicide like i did, actualy my plan was to rob a bank and get shot by the guards or cops so i wont have to take my own life..however after tests in diff. hospitals in three diff countries,we were finally convinced i was on the safe side.

negative.. (however this brought a hard lesson i will always cherish) but is it over? no! now in moscow iv been togehter with one girl only, i love her soo much, and we both want to get marrried after i graduate, ive even met her parents (lovely folks) and they agree..thing is recently i began noticing skeletons in my girls closet, (more like a cemetery in there) and im sure she had a wild life before she met me, she tells me she's safe and i know she really let go of her past and totaly loves me to bits! but that dont matter coz you cant change the past now can you..today we went and had tests taken (here i am agin!!!)

tomorows the results please include me in you prayers tonight..


Sent via Email November 12, 2007 from Russia.

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