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Hi I just wanted to add my story to the countless others that I have read.

No i am not HIV+ but i was tested after i found out that i had clymedia. It was a very hard time for me to deal with it and even though i know that it is my own fault for i was very stubborn and to upset to care, I still knew better.
I was 18 when i found out. I had been with a guy i loved very much only to find out he loved another. He had got me so hooked on ZanX that i used it to cover my pain along with alcohol. I was very messed up one night and this friend of my friend took advantage of the situation. I believe that he is the one that gave it to me but then there are 2 others that are also possibilities. So, i knew told anyone and refuse to do so. The only other one that knows besides my mom, who blessfully helped me to get the meds i needed to cure it, is my boyfriend who I had to tell so that he to could get tested b/c we had fooled around a few times. I thank God every day that he is so understanding and has stuck by me even though i broke up with him a month later b.c i couldn't deal with the guilt, but we are back together and are holding strong. That was back in March and this is december of the same year. Now guess what....we may be expecting a baby....


Sent via Email November 1, 2007 from USA.

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