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Read and listen


My name is keshia and im 3 weeks pregnant also i am hiv positive.

Can u please read my story it would mean soo much 2 me if u really read and listen!

Okay i lost my virginity when i was 13 years old.

I was always very pretty and i heard that my whole life

From boys and chicks.

I had more than 30 sex partners at the age of 17

Some people would call that a hoe,slut,ect.

But honestly i was searching for a love that couldnt no one can give me.so i thought sex would make them love me and do what i wanted them to.most of them did fall in love well they said they did and they did the stuff i wanted them to.but i would get bored with them or meet a cuter boy and i mean like everyday i got a number.

But i met this 1 guy. i was walkin from the store and he asked me what time it was wit a gorgeous smile with these sexy dimples so i told him and we started to walk together. He was so cute and sweet everything he was sayin seems soo right.he got along with my family and everything. We didnt have sex for a little while then one day we were at my house alone and it happened and we had a condom on then it happened again and again so one day he didnt have a comdom and i said be so childish and dumb not really knowing though i said "do u know what happens when u dont wear condoms ???" i was talking about getting pregnant not hiv or std's so i say" dont u know when u dont wear condoms babies come outta there" he told me if i was to get pregnant he was gonna always be there and wouldnt mind being a daddy. And i beleved him we had sex that day but he didnt cum inside me. so a few months past by and we slowly grew apart and didnt talk any more.all of a sudden out of no where he sent me a message on myspace telling me how i gave him hiv and i ruined his life.. He was saying that because he didnt want me to think he gave it to me.

But i didnt give it to him he gave me something tha i can never get rid of.

Im soo scared and no one knows but my baby father i had 2 tell him..

I sit and think and pray to god and ask why ?? Why me??

What did i ever do that was so bad 2 deserve this???

And i never get an answer back....


Sent via Email November 26, 2007 from USA.

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