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Negative with symptoms

Hi, My name is Ben and i'm 21 years old. For the past 3 months my life has been a living hell. I contracted clymidia from a sex worker while using a condom. I have a long distance relationship with my beautifull girlfriend, so i was able to get rid of the std before seeing her. That was just the little worry.


I started getting Hiv symptoms and felt that I was having every one.
Muscle ache
Dry cough
flu like symptoms without a blocked nose
dry skin
swollen nodes


I couldnt stop thinking about if I was posistive. thought about it before I went to bed and when I got up, I Felt so depressed. I kinda convinced myself I was hiv posistive. Anyway I got a test done and Ive just found out that I'm negative.To anyone that is putting of a test. Just get it done. Even if your posistive (which I'm pretty sure you wont be) Its not the end of the world

.If my experience has taught me one thing is that live is worth cherishing what ever the outcome.


Sent via Email January 16, 2008 from United Kingdom.


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